All projects are on a schedule basis!

Standard turn around time is 5 to 7 business days, any project(s) requested in shorter timeframe is considered as a rush job. All rush jobs will incur a 20% rush fee PER each rushed day (if  the timeframe is feasible, your order will be processed).

Project Requirements:  

Your image or idea in visual form. Uploading or sending an image with your order request form would be helpful in assisting the artist make your idea come to life. {?}
Items that are available in the store tab or a list of items  you wish to design outside of Lost Design's available products, this including project specifications.

Payments for all orders will require a 50% deposit for Lost Design Studio's services and a 100%  payment for any materials that must purchased by Lost Design Studio ( i.e. shirts, signs, etc).  This deposit and cost of material is to start production of your order.

Only at the request of the client will we print proofs  or samples; proofing or color testing  may result in  a delay on your order and will incur an extra charge.

ONLY the client whom placed the order can make changes, adjustments, or inclusion of services. ONLY the client can inquire on status updates regarding their project(s). 

Any changes made after the project request has been processed, will affect deadlines and pricing. 

Clients are responsible for checking that their project is complete prior to scheduled time of pick up. Once a project leaves the studio, we are not responsible for any damages or discrepancies to the project. 

Clients are also welcome to supply their own apparel to be painted or printed 
A service fee may be subject to additional charges for used apparel items (T-shirts, Jackets,  Denim wear, etc.)

*If the product result is not to the customers liking, or if a discrepancy is at fault of the company, alterations to the project may be discussed. 

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